Interview to Filomena Campus on Misterioso,London Riverside Studios, Oct 2009

Filomena Campus and Stefano Benni at the London Riverside Studios

Michele Lu Lanzone, written by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, directed by Filomena Campus, March 2012, UK

Click HERE to see Misterioso VIDEOSĀ  Misterioso by Theatralia, written by Stefano Benni, Directed by Filomena Campus. London Riverside Studios.

CLICK HERE to watch an extract from Theatralia’s U238, inspired by the text by Marco Paolini, directed by Filomena Campus, devised with Sdna and Frank Millward, performers Natasha Stanic and Chiara De Palo. CPT, London, 2006


Not In My Name – Theatralia – London (RAI TV)

Intervista a Filomena Campus, London 2007, Another TV