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A brand new edition of Monk Misterioso, sponsored by the Arts Council England, will tour UK  and be part of the London Jazz Festival 2017.



October 11th -    Monk Misterioso Launch at the British Library with Culture&

November 5th -  Monk Misterioso – Colchester Arts Centre

November 12th – Monk Misterioso – The Stables, Milton Keynes

November 14th – Misterioso in Italy and UK – Cinema Italia UK, Regent Street Cinema, London

November 16th – Monk Misterioso – Portsmouth Guildhall

November 18th – Monk Misterioso – London Jazz Festival, Kings Place, London



by Theatralia

Written by Stefano Benni

Translated, Adapted and Directed by Filomena Campus

Producer Natalie Richardson

Tour manager Janet Waugh

Video Design by SDNA

Music director Rowland Sutherland

Press office Nicky Thomas Media


Featuring UK Jazz stars:

Cleveland Watkiss, Pat Thomas, Orphy Robinson, Rowland Sutherland, Filomena Campus, Dudley Phillips

Special guests on Nov 18th: Jean Toussaint and Mark Mondesir


In collaboration with Arts Council England,  Green Network, Serious, London Jazz Festival,  Italian Embassy London, Culture&, Mind, Portsmouth Guildhall, British Library, Cinema Italia UK, Regent Street Cinema, JazzFM, The Italian Bookshop, The Vortex, Black History Month.


Reviews from past editions:








MISTERIOSO PART 1: “McCarthy Blues” with Stefano Benni

MISTERIOSO PART 2 “My Name is Monk, Thelonious Monk”

MISTERIOSO Part 3 “Rhythm-a-ning”

MISTERIOSO PART 4 “Pannonica and Monk”

MISTERIOSO PART 5 “Round Midnight” – Monk and Nellie

MISTERIOSO PART 6 – FINALE – “Everything was foreseen…”

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MISTERIOSO ALL STARS special edition for the Theatralia Jazz Festival 2015

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‘A powerful and moving performance, with Monk’s matchless music and superb musicians to lead you through’ Alison Bentley LONDONJAZZ

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Jazzwise review of Misterioso: Filomena Campus’ spellbinding Monk homage at Theatralia Jazz Fest

Benni’s text movingly explores Monk’s extraordinary seven-year creative and personal silence in response to McCarthyism at the end of his life.

Campus, somewhat in the manner of a Brechtian theatre director, delivered a thumbnail outline of the spectacle we were about to witness, including a brief portrait of Monk, hailing especially his “courage to be unique”, and introducing the band. (…) Bringing the first set to a hugely powerful close, the production also included a short tribute to the music of Billie Holiday, celebrating the centenary of her birth. Watkiss then gave one of the most stunning a cappella accounts of ‘Strange Fruits’ you’ll ever hear, seamlessly creating a hair-raising polyphony of whimpering sounds and sudden inhalations of breath which looped terrifyingly, over which he delivered the haunting verses. (…) Recited by Benni and Watkiss, the alliteration of the final text couldn’t fail to conjur up the intoning of saints’ names during mass:

Saint Billie, Saint Bud, Saint Bird, what’s the point of talking?
When you can play like that.

It brought an exceptional, heartfelt homage to a poignant close. – JAZZWISE - Peter Quinn – Photo by Nadjib Le Fleurier


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Past reviews (2008/2009 production)

  • “Touching and thought-provoking. The words are stylish and the music, performed live by leading jazz pros, is excellent.”Jack Massarik
  • “An eloquent study of madness and silence **** ‘Monk spent the final seven years of his life, until his death in 1982, in near total silence, not speaking or playing a note to anyone. Misterioso explores the possible causes of his descent, through a series of monologues  through Monk’s own words  and through the biggest clue of all: Monk’s music, which is performed by an all-star band of London musicians” BroadwayBaby
  • “If you enjoy Monk’s music, searing jazz, a postmodern, poetic take on musical voice and the sound of silence, this trip could well be the show for you.” Ian Angus Wilkie, LOW DOWN
  • “Sympathetic direction and uplifting vocals by Filomena Campus. Ex-drum and bass MC Cleveland Watkiss brings Monk’s narrative to life with his booming voiceover, whilst Thomas is the physical embodiment of the silent Thelonius, giving gravitas to the myth of a musical legend”. Kultureflash
  • “Director Campus has assembled a classy band. At one point the audience is encouraged to dance. Vibes player Orphy Robinson is a national treasure. I just love the warmth and humanity he radiates from the bandstand. Campus herself is a highly musical singer. The music was continually bringing a smile to many faces in the audience.” Telegraph

Monk at the London Riverside Studios

  • “Triumph of Misterioso. The play by Stefano Benni about the life of jazz pianist Thelonious Monk, was sold out each night and totally charmed its enthusiastic audience.” ANSA
  • “A thought provoking and entertaining mix of words and music.” Recommended! TIME OUT
  • “Was it a jazz concert, was it a play or was it an art show? The answer is it was a stunning fusion of all three. Sophisticated, soigné, cool and classy, the evening managed to simultaneously entertain, engage, educate and enrich which is a rarity for a theatrical experience.”Herts Advertiser

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  • “The success of the show arises from both the remarkable performance of the actors, musicians and audience participation.” Café Babel
  • “On the ‘jazz’ front there was much incredibly talented playing from all involved, and the vocals, were confident and assured. (…)I wished that we had been in a more intimate setting – then we might all have been on our feet dancing”. Threeweeks –[Lucinda Wingate-Saul]
  • ‘The Poetry of Stefano Benni’s words debuts in UK” La Repubblica


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“I’m a Monk fan, but I learnt something new tonight. And I was moved and it was done with love. ..very special!” (anonimous)

“Very original play, wonderful music, great authors, really enjoyed it!” Laia

“Somewhat avant-garde like Monk!” (anonimous)

“Great music and acting. I don’t want this to finish, when is the next performance? Thanks!” Nuria

“Magical! What a treat. Fabulous sound. I want the Riverside Studios to host a jazz night every week! Please!” Frederique G.

“An outstanding performance – so unusual and interesting and such amazing music!” Christine S.

‘A truly magical experience that, through the almost seamless weaving of text by and about Monk, together with his music beautifully, sensitively and joyfully played, really does take its audience on a journey through his life and into the silence. A highly impressive, colourful, truthful and uplifting show. The audience left beaming, as did I’ Jonathan Salisbury – former Trinity Theatre Artistic Director


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