Filomena Campus Quartet ‘Jester of Jazz’ CD

Available on ITunes, Amazon and in the best music stores:
London: HMV (Oxford Street), The Italian Bookshop (Warwick Street), Ray’s Jazz,  3rd floor @ Foyles (Charing Cross Road)
Berlin: Dussman
Italy: Librerie Feltrinelli, Egea Stores

Filomena Campus – vocals Steve Lodder – piano Dudley Phillips – doublebass Winston Clifford – drums Featuring Jean Toussaint & Rowland Sutherland

Sabbia E Mirto (Music by Dudley Phillips, Lyrics by Filomena Campus)

Monk’s Dance (To Thelonious Monk) (Lodder/Campus)

Summer Lights (Music by Steve Lodder, Lyrics by Filomena Campus)

Jesters/Yoridori Midori (Campus/Clifford/Lodder/Phillips- Andreas Schmidt)

Boal (To Augusto Boal) (Lodder/Campus)

Queen Of Clowns  (to FRANCA RAME)  (Lodder/ lyrics by Campus edited by Franca Rame/Poem by Stefano Benni dedicated to Franca Rame)


Filomena Campus & Giorgio Serci

feat Kenny Wheeler, Adriano Adewale, Rowland Sutherland, Keld Ensemble string orchestra

SCARAMOUCHE (Egea/Incipit)  now available on ITunes, Amazon and in the best music stores





Filomena Campus & Rowland Sutherland’s In Kimbe Demo CD

Beguine (Ferra/Campus)

Moderately Safe (Sutherland)

Desolation Part 1 (Sutherland/In Kimbe)

Desolation Part 2 (Sutherland)

Loro (Gismonti) In Kimbe Quintet Live at Trinity Theatre – 2007


Filomena Campus on the RADIO

Filomena Campus @ BBC Radio3

Scaramouche Disco della Settimana/Album of the Week  Fahrenheit Radio3 Rai (16 Feb 2015)

Filomena Campus & Giorgio Serci present Scaramouche on Piazza Verdi Radio3 Rai 7/03/2015

Filomena Campus on Radio Classica 13/03/2015

Scaramouche on JazzFM

Click here to listen to Notes and Tones by Ruth Fisher on Solar Radio UK – Interview to Filomena Campus about My Jazz Islands Festival, the new album Scaramouche with Giorgio Serci, the new duo with Antonello Salis  and more

Clicca Qui Intervista di Simone Cavagnino a Filomena Campus e Giorgio Serci su Scaramouche (Feb 2015) su UnicaRadio

Clicca Qui per intervista di UnicaRadio su My Jazz Islands Festival a Londra 2014

Click HERE to listen to Notes and Tones by Ruth Fisher on Solar Radio dedicated to My Jazz Islands Part 2 in London on November 6th 2013 with Filomena Campus and Ross Dines from Pizza Express Live (puntata di Notes and Tones dedicata alla seconda parte di My Jazz Islands a Londra insieme a Filomena Campus e Ross Dines, manager del Pizza Express Live)

28 Minuti 20 giugno 2013  Barbara Palombelli nella trasmissione 28 Minuti RADIO 2 RAI su My Jazz Islands

Click Here to listen to the podcast of the special edition of Notes and Tones about the festival M Jazz Islands feat Filomena Campus and Orphy Robinson/  clicca qui per ascoltare lo speciale su My Jazz Islands del programma radio inglese  Notes and Tones su Solar Radio UK

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