Internationally renowned and award winning  jazz vocalist, lyricist, theatre director and university lecturer,  Filomena Campus lives in London. She has toured and collaborated with top UK jazz musicians including Evan Parker, Guy Barker, Orphy Robinson, Byron Wallen, Cleveland Watkiss, Jean Toussaint, Huw Warren,  Kenny Wheeler,  Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis, Martin France, Antonio Forcione, Maciej Fortuna,  the London Improvisers Orchestra (Filomena features in the CD by the LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA: Improvisations For George Riste’).
In 2013 Filomena has created the international THEATRALIA JAZZ FESTIVAL (former My Jazz Islands)  in collaboration with Jazz Club Soho Pizza Express in London and the Italian Cultural Institute London.

In 2010 Filomena founded the ‘Filomena Campus Quartet’ in collaboration with long time collaborators Steve Lodder and Dudley Phillips.  Their original project is called JESTER OF JAZZ , with music by Steve Lodder and Dudley Phillips and lyrics by Filomena Campus.  The CD Jester of Jazz features Winston Clifford on drums and special guests  Jean Toussaint and Rowland Sutherland   was published and distributed by Egea UK Sam productions  in January 2011.  Drummers Martin France , Adriano Adewale and Rod Youngs have played with the quartet since 2012. Click on ‘Jester of Jazz’ page to read more about this project.

Scaramouche is the title of the new album (2015) written and recorded with guitarist and composer Giorgio Serci. The album, published and distributed by Egea,  features legendary trumpet star Kenny Wheeler, Keld Ensemble string orchestra, Rowland Sutherland on flute and Adriano Adewale on percussions. The artwork for the album has been created by international artist Giuseppe Carta.

Filomena Campus is Theatralia Artistic Director. Productions include Not in My Name(2005) inspired by The Living Theatre and U238 (2006) by Marco Paolini, Certi Pomeriggi (by Mario Fortunato, Berlin 2014). Since 2006 Theatralia’s production have been sponsored by the Arts Council England.  Their acclaimed production ‘Misterioso. A Journey into the Silence of Thelonious Monk’, written by Stefano Benni, was presented at London Riverside Studios (2009) and at the Edinburgh Festival, featuring top jazz musicians such as Tony Kofi, Orphy Robinson, Jean Toussaint, Guy Barker and Byron Wallen. A new edition of Misterioso will be presented in 2017.
The production Italy VS England, written by the Italian author Stefano Benni and with music by Steve Lodder and Dudley Philips and lyrics by Filomena Campus,  premiered at My Jazz Islands’ festival in Cagliari and London in 2013 and was revived in a new adaptation at 2015′s Theatralia Jazz Festival.

Theatralia have presented their  ‘Interludes’ in different London venues including the Riverside Studios. Theatralia Interludes are multimedia performance/happenings of free improvisation featuring top UK jazz musicians, dancers, performance and visual artists.

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Campus has worked  since 2003 as part time or visiting university lecturer teaching theatre directing, acting, physical theatre, improvisation and devising techniques,  voice and movement, contextual studies and more. (Central School of Speech and Drama, East15 Acting School, University of Essex, Kingston University, UCL, BCUC)

Filomena has performed in several international festivals such as Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Berlin Italian Jazz Festival, European Jazz Expo’, Forma e Poesia nel Jazz, Nuoro Jazz, Orfeo Cinto di Mirto, Split Jazz and Blues Festival, Roccella Ionica Jazz Festival, Time in Jazz, Birmingham International Jazz Festival, Notting Hill Jazz Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival, Nottingham Jazz Festival, Munich Italian Jazz Week,  Festival Letteratura di Gavoi, Voci di Donna.

In 2004 Filomena Campus co-founded the acclaimed jazz quintet In Kimbe with internationally renowned flautist Rowland Sutherland. They  recorded In Kimbe CD in 2007.

In the summer of 2004 Filomena Campus took part to the Mozambique Empty Boat Tour, performing with the UK band Empty Boat and the Mozambican band Massukos,  shooting a film documentary to raise awareness about sanitation and water in Mozambique in collaboration with Water Aid.

In 2002/03 Filomena joined the UK Nubian Vibes Tour led by long time collaborator and friend, the acclaimed vibraphone player Orphy Robinson. Robinson also invited Filomena to join his band Quattro+, featuring Pat Thomas, Dudley Phillips and Kenrick Rowe, performing in major UK jazz festival and live on BBC Radio3.

In 2001, prior to her relocation in London,  she directed and performed in ‘A Game of Chess’, her first experiment mixing theatre and live jazz, in Cagliari, Italy. The project was inspired by the work of  Samuel Beckett, James Joyce and TS Eliot.

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Here are some extracts:

‘Campus is a highly musical singer’ The Telegraph

‘A very talented vocalist and theatre director’ Venerdi di  Repubblica

‘Her voice has the warmth of the sun and the reflexes of the music of the soul. Excellent vocalist, able to perform with humor and swing, with elegant and charming stage presence, moves  like dancing on stage, reading poems, telling of fellinian clowns and surreal circus, enchanting her audience with a voice that knows the accents of the blues’. La Nuova, May  2010

‘Filomena jazzes things UP…reaching out to her audience, exuding expressiveness from every part of her body even down to her fingertips.’ Mary Brosnan (Herts Advertiser)

’Beautiful voice’ Franco Fayenz (Jazz critic)

‘Filomena has some spectacular singing abilities (the technique, the passion…), which can be appreciated both while performing ‘regular’songs and while improvising.’ Two Expats

‘Fascinating’ Jazzwise

“Filomena Campus enchants London” L’Unione Sarda

“On stage the fabulous Campus is like a shaman of music” Ansa (London Italian Press Agency)

“Ethereal Sardinian vocalist performs beguiling songs from her new album ‘Jester Of Jazz’, inspired by Commedia dell’Arte and Theatre of the absurd, she creates dynamic, high-spirited originals. Her stunning band includes Sardinian trumpet star Fresu and brilliant sax and flute work from Toussaint and Sutherland.” Time Out London

” hers is the most international of musics so she’s often gigging abroad; catch her when you can.” ROGER THOMAS, JAZZUK